Terms and conditions

The operation of this site is under the control of Dewrty NGO and following are the terms and conditions that guide its use. It is recommended to have a close look to these terms and conditions as it will help in using the website in future.

Terms and conditions:

If a person continues making use of the site then it implies his acceptance for these terms and e conditions. In case the terms and conditions are not acceptable to someone then he/she should not use the site. The terms and conditions mentioned on this page might get changed anytime by website owners (Dewrty). It is therefore advised that for getting notified regarding the changes, users should visit the site on frequent basis so that they do not miss the important updates.

In case the user continue using the site after going through the amendments made then it implies that he/she accepts the changes and complies by them. Use of this site should only be done for the purposes that are lawful and in no case the rights should be restricted or infringed.

Rights of intellectual property:

Use of this site by visitors for the purpose of getting information regarding our services does not imply in any case that any interest or right is granted to the user in the intellectual property rights of the site that a third party owns. Without getting authorization in prior from owners of the site, it is strictly prohibited to make use of the content for the purpose of publication or from commercial perspective. These terms and conditions do not contain anything conferring any sort of license to users for making use of the site content.

Use of pages on the site in the form of printing is only allowed in case it is done by user for personal use. Acknowledgment of our status being the authority owner of site material is must in every case. Also, it is not allowed to make use of the content present on the site by modifying it or by making its digital copies when the material is downloaded or printed by users of the site.

The site contains certain photos and documents that have been published after getting consent from copyright owners (third party) of that material. These documents are the ones having all their rights reserved and therefore permission must be requested for copying or using them in any way by the respective owners of the copyright.

Resources and links of third party on the site:

We do not hold any sort of responsibility for the external online sites content. Third parties are the ones operating and owning the websites with which we are having links and we do not have any sort of control on them. If links of other websites are included by us in the site then it does not indicate that the website content or website of third party is endorsed or approved by us. Any type of liability for any service, product, information or statement is not accepted by us in case they are accessible or published via the sites having third parties as their owner or operation liable.

Content upload on site:

In case any user intent to use our site for uploading content or want to get in touch with other users through our site then it is must that these terms and conditions are complied by him/her. The user has to assure the fact those terms and conditions are applied in case any contribution of this type is made by him/her. It is also must for the user to make sure that this warranty is not violated in any case. Any type of material or communication that is posted on, transmitted to this site’s public area such as questions, data, suggestions, comments or things like this. Also, this type of data will receive treatment like non-proprietary and non-confidential information. We do not hold responsibility in any case, or third party liability, regarding accuracy or content of the posted material on site by users.

The sole right to delete any posting or material on the site made by the users is held by us in the case when we do not find any such type of material not abiding by the mentioned terms and conditions. If the users have concern about or feel uncomfortable for any type of communication then report for the same could be done at our mail id.

Standards of content:

All the material that is communicated to or through the site by the users has these standards of content applied to it. All types of included communications must:

  • Complies by the laws applicable

  • Be held legitimately

  • Be accurate

Also, the communications should not:

  • Contain offensive, obscene, inflammatory or hateful content

  • Contain defamatory material for a person

  • Offer promotion for material offensive

  • Is deceiving for any person

  • Offer promotion for violence

  • Lead to infringement of a person’s database right, copyright or trademark

  • Offer promotion to the discrimination that is dependent on religion, sex, nationality, race, sexual orientation, disability or age

  • Offer promotion to illegal activity

  • Is made in legal duty breach that has third party as its owner like confidence duty or contractual duty

  • Have tendency of upsetting, harassing or embarrassing for any person

  • Be abusive, threatening or invading the privacy of other person

  • Be used for identity misinterpretation or impersonation of a person

  • Promote, advocate or assist any act that is unlawful like misuse of computer or copyright infringement

  • Provide impression as if it is emanating from us

Site access:

Site access is provided on temporary basis and right for suspending, withdrawing, changing or discontinuing any part or all the content on site is reserved by us without notice in prior. We do not hold liability for unavailability of site for a reason for some time period. The responsibility is held by user for complying by the terms and conditions.