Privacy Policy

Protection of the privacy of our users is the prior commitment of Dewrty Foundation while complying by the act of data protection. The collection of data is explained by this privacy policy and it also presents how the personal data is used on site. How the data is processed and collected is also mentioned in the policy since information of the users is under their own rights. The application of these privacy policies is to the website of Dewrty Foundation and when users access this site, they might be directed to the other members holding the rights.

We maintain complete transparency and clarity regarding the collected information and our intended purpose of using it. This policy is aimed at offering users with proper information so that they stay well aware regarding the way in which personal data provided by them is being used.

Collection of personal data:

When users access our website, they get the linking ability via some of the sites of social media like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. On the basis of the policies and settings of these sites of social media, your personal data might be matched or received by us with the websites. This is done for the purpose of showing content of Dewrty Foundation while making use of such services.

Our website also makes use of cookies for the purpose of collecting details of patterns of visitor behavior and standard information of log-on. With the help of this, we are able to improve and analyze our site content and users’ experience of navigation. In no case is this information used for getting identity of website visitors. In the settings of browser, it is possible for the users to delete or disable all or some of the cookies that our website make use of. However, some of the functionality parts of our site might get affected by this.

Why and how this information is used?

The information collected from the users is used only for the purpose intended from its collection. It is important since compatibility factors must be met and regulatory or legal obligations are fulfilled till consent has been given by user for making use of his data for different purposes. Just the date of internet log on and IP address is used by our website for the purpose of enhancing experience of the user. The things included in this are defining the supporters and audiences for some campaigns. Creating new ideas of marketing and services, redesigning the materials of marketing that rely on our website’s popular and common materials.

How security of your data is maintained?

Team Dewrty Foundation is dedicated towards protection of the privacy of user’s data and this is the reason why keeping your personal information secure is our topmost priority. For this purpose, all the significant steps are taken by us for making sure that protection is provided to the personal data of user via this privacy policy such that no fear is there about unauthorized access.

Span of information storage:

The data provided by users via the website is retained by us only for the duration as needed by the laws applicable. This is also used for the desired purpose behind its collection as per the offered consents.

Information sharing:

Your information might be shared with Dewrty Foundation members. This information might also be shared with the third parties. These are the ones who carry out processing of data on behalf of our website. This is true only where they are having implied obligations by us regarding data security and demands to follow our instructions for the purpose of data usage. It is a guaranteed fact that personal data of users is not rented or sold from our side.

Your access to data:

Any type of information that is collected by us from the users could be accessed by them. Users can also submit request for getting information regarding the way in which their data is used by our website. No charges are levied on such access of data. However, for the unfounded requests such as repetitive or excessive, an administrative fee is charged from the user.

Restriction, deletion and correction of data:

Users can also solicit us for the purpose of erasing, correcting or supplementing any information that has been offered by them in prior. Extension of this right for deleting or collecting user’s personal data goes to our site’s third parties. Proper steps are taken from our side for informing them regarding the requests of users.

In case the user feel that the processing of the information is not lawful, or it is inaccurate or the data should not be retained by us then request could be submitted by him/her for data processing desisting. User can also refuse from sharing the personal data with us. However, in this case, it will not be possible for him/her to get access to the services.

Data transfer:

The personal data collected from our side for transfer purpose to other controller of data could also be received by user.

Consent of withdrawal:

User can also withdraw data collection consent if it is recently collected on the basis of consent received previously and there is no need to submit reason for this. For the purpose of halting data collection or consent withdraw, user can contact us.

In no case the information or personal data provided by the user is accessed by our site or shared with third parties if consent for the same is not there from the user. We only make use of the information that the user provides at own will conforming to the fact that it is legal and true. If the user feel that the data is incorrect or incomplete then he can submit request for its deletion or correction as well.

All these policies are made to ensure the integrity and security of the personal information provided by our users. In case the user is not willing to provide the desired data then the use of site has to be discontinued from his side as per the policies.