Learn the fundamentals of physics and then test your knowledge on 400+ quiz questions!


If you were like the vast majority of students in your high school, chances are you dreaded physics class. The teacher may have been too mean or too bland, and the subject matter — regardless of how much it interested you — simply seemed too far out of reach. Throw in the fact that you needed to use some calculus to finish the course and your aversion to physics was likely sealed halfway through your first semester.

That’s a shame because physics is hands-down one of the most fascinating and vital subjects on earth. This Fundamentals of Physics course lets you ditch the mental barriers, embrace the awe-inspiring laws of nature, and engage with the world around you in an entirely different way.

With 70 lessons and more than five hours of content geared toward anyone with interest in learning more about the physical properties of the universe, the friendly and intuitive instruction in this course will get you excited about universal properties such as motion, force, and equilibrium. Although your instruction incorporates some calculus, these seemingly-complex topics are broken down and presented in ways that you can understand without having to bang your head against the wall.

You’ll learn about work, energy, the center of mass, and linear momentum. Everything in this course is calculus-based, so you’ll discover how the core physics formulas were derived in the first place. Have fun learning physics all while becoming more proficient at solving physics problems in real life, and becoming more analytical about the world around you.

Don’t let your dry high school physics course ruin one of life’s most amazing subjects.


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