Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

What is life without air to breathe in? What is life without a single drop of water to sip in? What is life without food to eat? Impossible, isn’t it? This is just what our concern is. With the kind of rapid degradation of resources and the mere sustenance of life on planet Earth, we fear end is not far. It is just about time we start initiating our parts to ensure the protection of resources and life on Earth.

DewRty Foundation understands the seriousness of the condition and aims at undertaking different ways to conserve and protect the environment. We also aim to try different approaches for making more and more people aware about the same and make them realize the significance of environmental conservation.

It is rightly said that Nature has its own way. What people of today need to understand is that one should respect, value and judiciously use that which Nature provides. The way of living of such a huge population is likely to have effects on the planet which is why the environmentalists stress upon improving the way of living. Everyday habits of people actually reflect how much they value and are thankful for the resources provided by the Nature.

To preserve the biodiversity and our ecosystem, our foundation with their efforts urges people towards protecting and restructuring the environment. We design programs and ensure spreading awareness among more people regarding the preservation and protection of nature. We also work for minimizing the irresponsible practices among people, community and larger business corporations that would ultimately harm the environment.

Undoubtedly, the lives of people have become very busy with least amount of time to devote to issues other than their work. But, it is our responsibility to insist on people to be mindful of taking few small steps for the betterment of our planet as small strides can make us move towards a positive and progressive future.

Every element of the environment is fundamental and requires safeguarding. The air, water, soil and the energy resources, all are important to sustain life on planet Earth. The water needs preservation, air requires purification, and soil needs protection for being able to grow more healthy crops for the nation. It is important for humans to alter their consumption of resources for sustaining life for future generations. The wastage of water should be prevented; care should be taken to minimize the pollution caused by the external factors and re-use water for different applicable purposes so that enough good quality water can be guaranteed for living. We also spread the idea of preserving the air quality and reducing the pollution caused due to people and the industries so that we and the coming generations can breathe in pure oxygen.

We also spread awareness among the farmers to take care of the soil so that the quality of crops is not degraded and a healthy food chain is ensured for the humans.

A healthy and good quality environment cannot be achieved by efforts of some people. The whole nation is to stand together in this for achieving a healthy environment and making sure of life for the coming generations of the country.

DewRty foundation therefore urges all the communities to put in their efforts and achieve outstanding results.

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