How Can You Help?

DewRty foundation is an NGO for the benefit of those who are less priviledged and are less informed about how to move forward and grab opportunities. Our NGO also works for the preseration, promotion and recognition of local art, culture, heritage, dialects and folk arts and dances of India. Education, livelihood, empowerment is also our focus for working.

For bringing any kind of transformation in the society, education and awareness play the vital part. However, this can be assured only if the children and people are exposed to it. Having realized this, DewRty foundation is working for attaining all these goals with executing different approaches for overall development. All the interventions and activities of our NGO stresses upon the betterment of life of the ones less privileged while also for retaining the lost traditional essence of India.

We believe that unless the privileged members of the society won’t do anything for a progressive future, change cannot be brought in. And even if it does, it won’t sustain for long. With this framework of working, DewRty foundation engages in activities and programs actively targeting the welfare of society. Our initiatives solely rely on the determination of being able to drive a sustainable change in the near future of our country.

There are millions of people in India struggling even for the basics- for mere survival, completely shackled with poverty, desolation, illness and just plain misery. They have to daily-every day fight for living. In such grievous conditions, We, Us All can come together, come forward to help these people of any age group in every possible manner. After all, our joint efforts can light up the life of someone, making it worth living and enjoying. Together, we can aim for amendments and transformation of our society, of every individual in dire need of help.

We have accepted the fact that every person, no matter rich or poor, deserves to live a life of respect, value and self-respect. This is why the people joining us have full faith in our valuable services. We therefore depend on people with shared thoughts like us and we are also open to donations to make sure our work is executed seamlessly. Every single penny has a lot of worth for us and we are thankful for each that is received by us. Even a little help from you can go a long way in enhancing the quality of life of these individuals and relive our long lost treasures.

Undoubtedly, education and awareness are the means for a quality life as it authorizes and enables an individual to be able to work towards earning their livelihood while also increases and enhances the awareness among people about all the different aspects and issues of life-from art and culture to appropriate means of earning in life. This entire experience helps in evolving the person into a better human being.