Benevolence and Magnanimity

Profit making in working and operating a non-profit and non government organisation is unethical. They-eradicating poverty and earning profit are absolutely uneasy fellows. Operating an NGO and running a not for profit organisation is but a humane way to respond to the existing disparities in the nation. All those who are working for a cause, are involved in social service, charities or in any way are working for the welfare of the society and the backward communities of the country are not doing so for gaining any kind of profit. Yes the profit lies, but, not in the money, in…


Ayurveda and its Uses

Said to be the oldest science of healing, Ayurveda is the ‘science of life.’ Hailing from the ancient Vedas, it is a form of oral tradition taught by experienced experts. Ayurveda is the source or the root of multiple other healing systems and theories including Homeopathy and other therapies as well. Ayurveda emphasizes on health maintenance through changes in lifestyle, diet, in taking herbs, thoughts and balancing one’s life. We provide knowledge of Ayurveda to our children who are interested in understanding the balance and relationship of the mind, body and soul. We also use Ayurveda to heal our children…


Environmental Conservation

What is life without air to breathe in? What is life without a single drop of water to sip in? What is life without food to eat? Impossible, isn’t it? This is just what our concern is. With the kind of rapid degradation of resources and the mere sustenance of life on planet Earth, we fear end is not far. It is just about time we start initiating our parts to ensure the protection of resources and life on Earth. DewRty Foundation understands the seriousness of the condition and aims at undertaking different ways to conserve and protect the environment.…


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