Benevolence and Magnanimity

Benevolence and Magnanimity

Profit making in working and operating a non-profit and non government organisation is unethical. They-eradicating poverty and earning profit are absolutely uneasy fellows. Operating an NGO and running a not for profit organisation is but a humane way to respond to the existing disparities in the nation. All those who are working for a cause, are involved in social service, charities or in any way are working for the welfare of the society and the backward communities of the country are not doing so for gaining any kind of profit.

Yes the profit lies, but, not in the money, in the outcome of our efforts.

With the growth of NGOs spanning its wings across the country, everyone would be happy and satisfied to know that more people are awakening for a much better, caring and progressive India. These groups of organisations are purely not working for profit, but are working and striving hard to eradicate poverty, vulnerability, building capacities and making sure that even the voices and the needs of the poor is heard and acted upon. Else, who would listen to them? Who would take care of their needs? Who would assure them good education, health and prosperity?

We, as responsible and able citizens of India, should take up this responsibility and that is exactly what every NGO operator is doing. But, all they need is the wind to soar in their direction so that they can be accepted more and the work force can increase to be able to better provide for and back the backward communities and societies of India.

With time, even the government started recognising the NGOs for their services and roles and more lately even the government started funding the NGOs for carrying out their operations and services.

Today, the NGOs are considered to be a great force of aid for the needy ones. However, there are the big and renowned ones having thousands ad millions of funds, there are a major chunk of underdogs i.e. not so renowned, yet actively involved in working for the country, still struggling, some even for their existence.

Funding is the only way for them to be able to run their NGOs and continue working, but, is that just enough? Is the intention behind it well respected for?

The monetary contributions done by the government, semi-government, corporate organisations or philanthropists is the fuel to make the NGOs run. Their major income relies on the donations they get. Though it has to it much denial, but, that is just what the reality is.

At DewRty foundation, it is our goal to urge more and more people to come forward and contribute to us, not for our profit, but for benevolence. At DewRty, we don’t work to fill our pockets from the profit we gain or the money we are donated, but with full integrity, compassion and hard work, we strive to transform our country towards development every single day.

So, to the question above, do they work for profit?

The answer says No. We work only because we are concerned and only because we want this nation to become a better place, a better home even for the deprived communities of India.

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