In the present time, we are having so many simple and short methods of communication that people are losing writing ability to some extent. It is in fact slipping away but we should not let this happen. Instead of this, attempts should be made to help the coming generation learn the skills of writing that are even stronger. This is important since the present world is one in which one has to clearly state what he intends to say using few words.

Writing that is developmentally appropriate:

Writing and reading are intertwined skills and both are important for a person to excel in life. We might consider reading and writing to be some very basic skills that each and every person possesses but this is not true for some people. There are still certain areas where people are devoid of the basic reading and writing skills. Keeping this situation in mind, our team at DewRty foundation is working in this direction to promote writing skills so that more and more people can leverage the benefits.

For this purpose, we need to keep several factors in mind such as:

Do not force:

We have to keep in mind that no one could be forced for learning something new as unwanted pressure leads to frustration. A step by step process is followed for encouraging the skills and promoting cognitive development. These efforts eventually result in good writing.


To be good at writing, one first has to develop good reading skills as well. The process of reading different things helps the person to become good at writing as well. Overall, these two skills help enhance the literacy rate that goes on towards the development of a better society with literate people who can make active contribution towards the growth of nation as a whole.