People become better person from sports

People become better person from sports.

This statement might appear to be simple but the fact is that most of the time, it is overlooked. Sports are beneficial for our society in many ways and this is the reason why DewRty Foundation is aimed at popularizing the sports all the more. Our organization make all possible attempts to extend the opportunity to enter in sports career to all those who are interested and passionate for the same. There are ample numbers of opportunities for sportsperson if they are able to polish their skills by getting opportunities for the same.

Sports are beneficial not just for those who are playing it but for the society as a whole. A better sportsperson become a responsible citizen and make all possible attempts to bring positive changes in lives of others. They help in increasing confidence, develop character, motivate players and others as well to enter in the field, attract kids for staying in school that helps in their higher studies etc. Sports also serve as a way in which important lessons of life could be taught to people that are not restricted to the playing field.

All this has made DewRty foundation to work for the betterment of sports to enhance their popularity and more and more people can become part of this field. Our foundation has extended help to several people having interest in the field of sports to join their desired sport field and make bright career. It is a fact that not all those who love sports get same opportunity to enter in this field. This motivates us even more to make efforts so that all the interested candidates can enjoy chance to live their dream and become part of their favorite sport.

At DewRty Foundation, there are several options available to select from in sports. These include Basketball, Archery, Boxing, Baseball, Gymnast, Badminton, Cricket, Weight lifting, Volleyball, Running, Cycling, Football, Wrestling and Tug of war.

Our mission:

Our foundation supports and delivers initiatives for the purpose of promoting education, fair play, benefits and abuse free sports to the youth. We also organize groundbreaking events so that this mission could be extended to much broader base of audience.

Core values:

Following are the core values followed by our team members in the promotion of sports:

  • Education: We believe that sports can also bring positive impact towards education by enhancing enduring mentorship and learning

  • Teamwork: team work gets a boost by means of sports and it serves to be a great aspect in several aspects of life as well. Coordinating efforts have high importance with athletes and organizations sharing the commitment and dedication for the promotion of sports and their positive benefits.

  • Sportsmanship: Courtesy, generosity, ethics, pride and fair play have great regard in the field of sports and sportsmanship focus on significance of observing and exhibiting these qualities

  • Integrity: respect, dignity, trust and authenticity are promoted by these activities

  • Agility: we are committed towards rapid growth and adaptability for the purpose of achieving our target