Social justice and Inclusion

Social justice and inclusion are at the core of our DewRty Foundation. All our areas of work athwart the world are carried out with commitment to these values. We have faith in the fact that when the mission is towards equity, diversity and inclusion then the impact of philanthropy is great. This is because when different perspectives are there, it helps in generating the ideas that work better in solving difficult problems of this ever changing world.

At DewRty Foundation, we believe that each and every person living in this world should have access to justice. This is the reason why our approach proceeds with infuse of these values athwart our systems, internal culture and practices. Our team is more focused in conducting programs that help in building leadership and strengthening voices.

Following factors are included in our approach towards social justice and inclusion:



representing the several differences and identities (gender, race, disability, ethnicity, tribe, national origin, thinking, caste, styles of communication and socio-economic status) in a collective manner. Our mission is to understand, engage and draw proactively on different perspectives. We have firm belief that all the problems that we intend to address with the efforts of our foundation can find perfect solutions with affirmation to similarities and by looking at the value that is present in the differences.



it is aimed at assuring opportunity equality, fair treatment and fairness in resources and information access to all. The possibility for this is only when we are able to develop an environment based on dignity and respect.



it helps in developing a belonging culture with active invitation given to the participation and contribution of each and everyone. We have firm faith in the fact that value is added with the voice of every person and we make efforts in developing balance in power difference face. Our efforts are aimed at the fact that an entire community should not be represented by one person.