Skill Development

Skill development is also one of the major goals of our foundation aimed for the betterment of complete society. We are working to generate better livelihoods for the people following a sustainable manner by implementing development interventions on large scale. We believe that it is better to make a person skilled so that he can become capable of earning a living for himself as well as for the family. This is better than just feeding a person for a day that will help him to get food for that time but will not help in any manner to make a living.

Taking important steps in this direction, we are working to spread the initiatives of skill development far and wide with the help of policy recommendations that are based on research, helps in implementation of these projects using the models of market research etc.

We offer different opportunities for enhancing the capabilities and capacities of people so that they are able to have easy access to technologies, information and innovations with the help of integration of value chain and market.

We are working to be the skill development organization with its aim to achieve excellence in this field by empowering people. For this purpose, we are working for skill development and entrepreneurship for to help people achieve sustainable and enhanced incomes.

With this approach, we are working in several areas including:

  • Culture and arts

  • Education

  • Handicraft tanning

  • Presentation and writing skills

  • Medical

  • Sports

  • Regional arts

  • Dialects etc.

We are working to take people who are in need of help from a living that is filled with several challenges to something that can bring meaning to their life and help them earn meaningful livelihoods. Equipping young people and children with necessary skills of life and knowledge help them make a better life and move away from poverty.