With a country as culturally vibrant as India, where folk art, traditions and heritage is sprinkled from every corner, still lags behind in the acceptance during the modern times. The kind of craftsmanship, aesthetics, originality, colours and designs here, are nowhere else to be seen. The tribal art, local culture, dialect is very simple and grounded, yet tends to speak tons about the country’s rich traditions and culture with absolutely no need for words to explain.

We, at DewRty foundation consider it to be our goal to motivate, sponsor and promote the dialects, local art culture and heritage of India including the folk paintings, tribal arts, tribal music and dance and everything cultural in the country. The joint efforts of our team members are focused to promote and spread among people the very richness of our culture, heritage, dialects and folk art. Our foundation works just for the same cause.

For upholding the cause of promotion of culture and heritage we also ensure to include the traditional or tribal dance forms of India, also giving some prominence to the modern dance forms.

In the contemporary era, the essence of traditions, culture, heritage, customs is somewhere lost. The modern day lifestyle of the people literally leaves them with no spare time to devote to other things in life. And to prevent our traditions and culture from diminishing, we are doing our bit to save the long lost riches and treasures of our country.

Our work also includes awareness and promotion of dialects of India. We design our programmes based on the goal of protection and promotion of the endangered languages of the country. The words we use, the language we speak is very essential for communication between humans. In today’s world people are majorly influenced by westernization which has left the former dialects of the country lose their worth and charm. To regain their worth, we ensure to come out with campaigns and offer guidance about our traditional languages. The younger generation of our country needs more enlightenment about the traditional languages of India as they are the ones who will take the heritage of the country ahead.

Although there are language policies in India focusing on the preservation and promotion of traditional languages, DweRty foundation aims to fully support the nation in the same and conserve the language diversity of our country. Though the Government of India is doing plenty enough to save the linguistic culture, we are also concerned and working for the linguistically and culturally empowered India.

The language and cultural diversity of India is under threat as large number of people are moving towards and accepting the Western way of living which has led to the abandonment of mother tongues. We address this problem at the level of the society and urge the communities and people with our efforts and promotion to preserve the most valued wealth of India in the form of its folk art, languages, tribal arts, culture and heritage.