Poetry and Storytelling

From the past 4,000 years, there has been a flourishing era for Indian poetry. At present, there are over 20 different Indian languages along with English in which writing and composition of Indian poetry takes place. Poetry stands as the perfect manner in which time voice is echoed and passions and pains of people are revealed. We at DewRty foundation work to promote poetry as it also serve as the way of reflecting the rich cultural heritage.

At present, the test of time is going on for poetry and it therefore needs more vigorous organization. We are aimed at promoting Indian poetry and storytelling since they serve as the means by which people could be made aware of the present state and glorious past of this art. We make the desired contributions for encouraging creativity of the poets since it is important for society transformation. Old values are provided with new life and for undertaking this job, our passionate team members have come forward. We work to interpret, collect and propagate the poetry that is written in India in different regions.

Similar to poetry, a story is also not bounded by any sort of time limits or boundaries, color or age. It is for all, for everyone. Our foundation also works for promoting storytelling that arises from different parts of India.

For the promotion of poetry writing and storytelling, different programs are conducted by our team. Also, different languages are used in these programs that include the regional languages as well. Our foundation work for organizing several appealing programs that are interactive, energetic and hilarious and attract the contemporary audience. Separate shows are organized for youngsters and families so as to offer an ideal space where they could come closer to the art of poetry writing and storytelling.