Photography generates pleasure by simplicity. Harnessing a child’s creativity through photography is a different kind of approach. The children tend to look at the world and life with a special lens. They are just pure souls discovering different things in life with a totally different perspective than that of adults. Our NGO is also working in this sphere wherein we expose our children to the world of photography. We don’t want our children to lack behind due to scarcity of resources to fulfil their desires and become successful in life. Learning photography is just another luxury for the underprivileged children and getting to make a career out of it is yet another. We aim to bridge this gap of disparity between the resources and awareness in the privileged and underprivileged children.

Teaching the kids photography can make their creativity and curiosity skyrocket. They are just pure expressive souls with absolutely no sense of rules limiting them. So, at a beginning age, for the children it should not be bonding in any manner so that they are free to express their perspectives through the lens. This should be the absolute goal of the photography classes given to the children. They should be enabled to see the possibilities that are worth capturing in the camera instead of plainly criticizing their pictures or teach them what is right or wrong.

With photography, a child can learn how to develop a vision or a perspective and focus from a very tender age. A child’s cognitive development is also enhanced with the photography lessons they learn. They learn to envision the same object in a number of other ways as photography is something in which their imagination can be purely unleashed. Having done this one can see the world with the eyes of children. Right from the beginning they are taught to pay attention to the details. More importantly, a child learns flexibility, patience and people skills.

 Learning photography can prepare the children to further pursue careers in the following genres of photography:-

Product photography

Architectural photography

Portrait photography

Pet photography

Wildlife photography

Fashion photography

Aerial photography

Wedding photography

Event photography

Fine arts photography

Travel photography

Lifestyle photography

Sports photography


Scientific photography

Apart from the ones listed above, there are many more niches existing which can be taken up by the children at a later stage. From the innumerable options available, it can definitely be difficult to decide the right path. This is also why we exist-to make you fully aware of the opportunities and scope present in this field. Of course there are umpteen possibilities and the path leading to finding the right one for you makes up for only half of the fun.

So, our aim at DewRty foundation is to make the children and people, especially the deprived ones, aware and encourage them to move forward with their interests. We consider it our duty to provide them with the right kind of guidance to ensure that they are moving in the correct direction.