It is very important to establish a strong connection of society with arts and painting serves to be an important bridge for this connection. DewRty foundation is working in this direction since the very inception to promote, encourage and spread awareness regarding the innovative and creative work of arts. This might be presented and created by groups, individuals and organizations etc. Several funded programs have been organized by us in which sculptures, prints, paintings, drawings, performances, photographs and videos have been contributed by artists. This is done with the motive of offering support to the artists who are working in the field of arts and paintings. We therefore serve as the organization that is created to extend benefits to the artists.

Since our inception, we are working in the direction to make efforts for fund raising that can successfully meet the varying demands of artists so that nothing can bound them. These efforts have even resulted in sparing money so that it could be extended to other artists supporting their art work. This is the belief behind our foundation that there is serious concern among the artists such as painters etc. about performance arts state including theatre, dance and music. This is the reason why we make sincere efforts to make people more and more aware of this field helping them to make a flourishing career.

Our dedicated team members work for promoting different forms of paintings so that those who are looking forward to make career in this field can get the desired help. Painting is the form of art that is not restricted to a particular style. There are several important types of painting and we work to create awareness about the same so that more and more people can come to know about this. Types are also combined in some paintings such as still life details might be there in the portrait mode. Some of the important types of paintings include:

Landscape: outdoor scene is represented by landscape. Paint is used by landscape artist for developing water, land, air, cloud, sunlight and wind.

Portrait: this form is an animal or person’s image that not just focuses on the looks of a person but also signifies personality and mood.

Still life: This form of painting is used for showing objects like food, flowers, musical instruments etc. The skills of artist in painting light, shapes and shadow is depicted in this form.

Real life: life in action is captured by scene of real life. This might include scene of busy street, dinner gathering, beach party or anyplace showing life.

Religious work: religious message is shared by the religious art piece of work. The faith of an artist might be portrayed by this or a sacred story could also be shown.

We work to generate awareness about these forms of paintings and help people so that they can learn the skills of painting and make a flourishing career in this field. So whatever form of art you are trying to excel in, we are here to help in the process.