At DewRty Foundation, we work to promote healthcare, yoga and ayurveda so that people can enjoy their benefits. We work with the family foundations and individuals to extend healthcare benefits to those who are devoid of these.


The team members of DewRty foundation carry out customized programs of healthcare with unbiased and critical funding. The programs involve sessions in which people are made aware of the necessity of healthcare and its importance in their life. Different methods are used to make people understand about different health related risk factors and precautions for the same. This helps in fostering a healthy and free from disease society since people are made aware of the facts that they need to take care of to lead a healthy life.

Several things are included in this such as:

  • Endurance: The heart and breathing rate is improved by aerobic or endurance activities. They help a person to have healthy lungs, heart and circulatory system while promoting the overall health

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is also enhance by exercises and yoga by stretching the muscles

  • Balance: these exercises help walking on the surfaces that are uneven so that falls are prevented.


There is a specific quality in each and everything that a person experience. It might be a thought, physical substance or an emotion and in Ayurveda, these qualities, also known as gunas, serve as the basis of everything in the universe. As per Ayurveda, these gunas can lead to a disease if they are in excess or deficient since it leads to doshic imbalance. Then qualities are applied by Ayurveda to bring a balance in these gunas. We believe that those who are suffering from diseases and are devoid of desired care can take benefit of Aurveda. This is the reason why we promote use of Ayurveda.

Uses of Ayurveda: There are eight branches of ayurveda in which falls the treatment as well as preventive care from diseases. These include:

  • Jarachikitsa: Rejuvenation

  • Baalachikitsa: Pediatrics

  • Vajikarana: Fertility, Aphrodisiac Therapy

  • Kaayachikitsa: Internal Medicine

  • Vishagara Vairodh Tantra: Toxicology

  • Shalakya Tantra: Throat, Nose and Ear Treatment

  • Bhuta Vidya: Psychiatry

  • Shalya Tantra: Surgery


In our journey to promote healthcare, yoga is also playing a significant role since it can offer mental and physical health benefits to those who practice yoga on regular basis. The purpose behind yoga is considered to be the development of awareness, strength and harmony in body as well as mind. Our foundation focus on promoting the different forms of yoga that can help to bring a positive impact for the society as a whole.

Health care services

Our focus behind the promotion of all these different forms of health care services is to see a society that is free from health ailments. Healthy people make up a healthy nation and this is the reason why we are working passionately in this direction so that people can remain free from risk of diseases. Physically and mentally healthy people can serve to be a boon for the growth of nation. Our heathcare services are aimed at doing our bit in the formation of a better tomorrow.