Livelihood is considered by all of us as the method using which a person makes money. It comprises of the assets, capabilities, activities and income of people that are needed for securing life necessities. However, sustainable livelihood is only possible when capability is there in people for coping with and also attain recovery from their stresses and shocks (such as social or economic upheavals). This is helpful for them by enhancing well being of the present as well as future generations and that too without dejection of natural base of resources or environment.

With this fact of livelihood, the other concerning factor is that every struggle is there in the lives of people coming from thousand communities to making their living. Keeping this fact in mind, our DewRty Foundation is working dedicatedly for preparing the condition in which a better living is made by all the people while sustainability is also achieved. Our work is spread across different sections of livelihood including:


We work in support of research, data collection and analysis of policies that are helpful in the evaluation of impact of the different approaches. This is done with the aim of providing farmers with the accurate desired information and go through the effects of the agricultural policies going on international and national level.


In this, we work for supporting the efforts that are made with intent of improving productivity and health of livestock. It particularly includes goats, chicken and cows. For this purpose, we aim at the improvement of veterinary care and animal genetics.

Water conservation

This is yet another important factor of livelihood. For water conservation, we focus on the different approaches that can help in conserving water and promote awareness for the same. This conserved water can serve helpful for other tasks such as irrigation such that the present and coming generations could be handed over with the benefits.