Communication stands to be the basic thing that every individual needs to interact with different people. If someone is unable to speak a language that all others surrounding him are speaking then it makes communication difficult for him. In such cases, people do not get chance to raise their voice and express their views. At DewRty Foundation, we understand this importance of language and the impact that learning a new language can bring in the life of a person.

This is the reason why our language education program aims at providing knowledge of different languages to people. There are several instances when people lack the resources to acquire a new skill. We work in this direction to avail such opportunities that can help those who are in search of proper guidance and system to learn a language and become confident in it.

At DewRty Foundation, our focus is on providing language education to people who are looking forward for ways to learn but are not able to get any opportunity. The languages include English, Hindi, German, Sanskrit, French and Chinese. We work multisensory approach for teaching people with the skills of reading language in an innovative manner. This is also beneficial for the secondary, elementary and adult students who face problems in spelling and reading.

Our approach is aimed to help people avoid the difficulty that they might face in communicating in the language that they do not know. The fundamental skills of reading are provided to people by our passionate team members. A proper approach is followed for this purpose that includes every important aspect of language such as fluency, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, phonics, comprehension and spelling.

At DewRty Foundation, we strongly believe that structured, explicit and systematic methods must be used for delivering such skills and this is reflected in our work. Our team members are trained language experts who are able to deliver desired knowledge base and language education to people associated with us.

A proper curriculum is followed so as to offer detailed instructions in composition, spelling, reading, handwriting and grammar. In other words, a simple and easy to follow routine is there with exact techniques that help a person to get fluency in a language by learning its basics.


Key features of the language education program that we follow:

  • Initially, the curriculum includes reading, phonemic awareness, spelling and phonics

  • The curriculum then proceeds towards instructions that can help people communicate in different environments and situations.

  • Whatever new element is taught in the language education, repetition and practice is carried out for the same to develop fluency

  • Our team members also conduct assessment after the lessons so as to find if someone is facing difficulty in learning and resolve the same

  • The curriculum for learning different languages also includes suffixes, prefixes, stems and affixes along with composition instruction and grammar

  • We make use of kinesthetic, auditory, visual and tactile channels for each of the activity that is the part of our curriculum.