Handicrafts Training

India is a diversified land where several traditions and cultures have been welcomed always. The cultural diversity has been mixed in this country with markets and economy and one such industry is of handicrafts. The aesthetically pleasing present form of handicrafts is culturally valuable. It would therefore not be incorrect to say that the society’s vision and value systems have been given the present shape by handicrafts.

There are several things included in it such as clay moulding, painting, wooden work, cloth work, photography etc. At DewRty foundation, we are focused on the promotion of Indian handicraft while continuing with the development and research in classical craft of India. We also offer training in handicraft manufacturing so as to do our part in the promotion of classical methods and development of new methods.


Our DewRty foundation is making attempts to promote Indian handicraft and also offer training in handicraft manufacturing so that the society can get the different advantages hidden in it such as:

Skills and creativity improvement

Each and every person has some sort of creativity and if it is able to meet the criteria of quality then it could also be made available to customers. In the handicraft training, we help people enhance their skills and knowledge. At some point of time, they get the desired level of expertise that helps them establish their own business and make a living with it.

Waste materials reuse

Usually we have seen the trash bins acquiring materials that are termed as waste. However, in this business form, the raw materials that are mostly used come from recycled bottles, wastes etc. In the making of handicraft products, some items of household use such as cans, plastic cups, pins, cardboard box, magazines, buttons, old clothes etc. are used. It is therefore also helpful in waste recycling.

Raw materials availability

Making craft using the things that are available is the gist of handicraft and this is the reason why people are able to get cheap raw materials that could be purchased easily.

Self employment

For the purpose of eradicating unemployment as well, handicraft work serves to be the best method since enormous opportunities are offered by it for exploring talents and skills. The leisure time could be spent by unemployed people and homemakers in learning the skills of handicraft. This helps them get the ability of earning fairly nice amount of income.

Economic growth strengthening

Our foundation also works for marketing of handicrafts via exhibitions and fairs where talents from round the world are showcased. A country’s export rate can also increase with the selling of handcrafted decorative items and unique products that helps boosting economic growth. Employment generation can also serve as a way for achieving economic growth.

In the handicraft industry, both classical methods as well as new methods are there and we are focused on promoting both of these. In a manner this is the way by which we are able to do our bit towards the betterment of people of our society and growth of our country.