The changes in climate can sometimes result in new uncertainties and challenges and therefore we proactively work to directly address the changes in climate that will help in making better preparation. It is possible to plan more equitable, stronger and resilient communities with the help of explicit factoring of changes in environment in the decisions regarding use of land, investments in infrastructure, public health, codes of building etc.

Our foundation work to brings flexibility in environment since it enhances the ability to endure the stresses while prosper under the several circumstances that are influenced by environment. Long term resilience is only possible in the case when quick action is taken by the society for reducing the worst impacts that might be there due to change in climate.


Following are the requirements for empowering the resilience of a community:

  • Proper planning for the anticipated effects of changes in environment

  • Reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that result in climatic changes

  • Fostering social inclusion and cohesion


Our foundation extends helping hand to the urban leaders for considering the question of climate athwart private, public and nonprofit sectors while they are in the decision making process that is going to have impact on the function and form of their communities.

  • Are there any negative or positive implications on climate change severity by a proposed action, policy or investment? In the case of negative implication, what could possibly be done to alter it in the way such that it can bring positive impact

  • Whether the intended action, policy or investment’s durability is impacted by climate change and expected consequences of it


These questions serve as the guides using which actions could be planned by the urban leaders for their community benefits with the climatic change mitigation and making preparation for the after effects.

DewRty foundation also aims to help these leaders such that they are able to consider the intended policies, investments and actions’ equity implications. This helps in making the choices for enhancing all members’ opportunity chances.

We understand the fact that those who have limitation of resources on the economic front suffer from disproportionate environment change effect. It is therefore important to engage such people in the efforts that are connected with environmental change.

The demands of leaders who are working on the resilience of environment and their partners that are based on community are known to drive our work. Communities that are locally grounded are fostered such that they can get access to applied research, technical assistance and opportunities of learning.

Activities are also supported by us to scale the promising approaches for resilience of climate. This is the approach that our team members at DewRty foundation follow to bring about positive changes in the environment such that the future generations could be handed over with a healthy, safe and prospering environment. Better environment also has maple number of positive effects on the society and this is the reason why our efforts for betterment in environment help in the growth of society as a whole.