In India, the educational facilities have improved a lot but still there are many falls at grassroots that include low ratio of teacher-pupil, improper infrastructure and family mitigation etc. We at DewRty foundation understand these factors and recognize the need for working to bring the desired improvement. This is the reason why our foundation works at ground level to enhance the accessibility of education in areas that are disadvantaged socially and economically. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible so that all those who are depriving from basic right of education can also leverage its benefits.

Our organization work with the goal of taking benefits to all who are not able to get to school due to their complex living situations. We are working to form an extensive network in which maximum number of children can join and leverage the benefits of education. For the betterment and growth of the society as a whole, it is very important to make people aware of their rights and the benefits. In this case, education serves to be a very significant factor since it allows a person to become the active part of society and get the benefits with the awareness of his rights.

Since inception, we are constantly working to take education far and wide so that all the children can get education and come up with maximum potential. At present, we are counted among the top organizations working to offer educational benefits to all those who are deserving.

It is a fact that education can change the life of not just a person but his entire family and also has positive impact for the society that he is living in. It is actually a reform through one get access to better life and can maximize his growth potential as well.

To achieve this purpose, we work on number of projects that are intended to benefit the deprived children and their families with right to education. The projects are based on healthcare, education, women empowerment and livelihood.

Importance of education is known to all. It serves both as the means and also leads towards a better and improved life. An individual is empowered by education for earning the livelihood that makes education as a means while by enhancing the awareness of a person on several issues, it serves as the end. When a person come to know regarding his rights by means of education, he is able to get the deserved benefits and this is also helpful in making him a better and responsible citizen of the country.

No doubt is there in the fact that for bringing social transformation, the factor that serves as most influential catalyst is education. It empowers a person as well as a family and this chain goes beyond existing generation as well.

We are well aware of this fact and this is the reason why at DewRty, we have already initiated our efforts in education corridors and have come up with development lifecycle approach with focus on children and society as a whole.