Arts and Culture

Since the very inception, DewRty foundation has its mission to sponsor, encourage and promote the talent in the field of arts and culture. This includes the different forms of modern and regional art including innovative work that the groups, individuals and organizations present and create. In such programs, the modern and regional artists make contributions in the form of drawings, photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures, videos and performances. This helps in funding the programs for further promoting and searching the new talent for different modern and regional art.

Our team includes group of passionate and innovative artists moving and working together towards the betterment of arts and culture. DewRty foundation is one of its kind organizations that is working for the promotion of modern and regional art so that their magic can spread far and wide. For this purpose, we conduct different activities so that people can recognize the talent in this field. This will help in promoting it across different regions while encouraging more and more people to be the part of this amazing art and culture family.

In this process, we also encourage the addition of regional dance forms that are popular and attract different people. Along with the regional dance forms, our foundation also focuses on the modern forms of dances.

We are well aware of the fact that present day lifestyle has posed the biggest challenge in the form of unconnected people. We are so much occupied with the daily activities that we stay untouched from global issues and problems that other people are facing.

The world is a global society and to contribute our bit towards its betterment, we are working for arts and culture promotion. This is because the power of bringing a difference is there in art. The body, senses and mind of a person can feel connected with the help of a good art work. One can get the feeling of living in this world with the help of art. Along with this, it is also capable of prompting engagement, thinking and even positive actions.

In this process, we also focus on offering the training of varied musical instruments so that those who want to learn new skills or enhance their existing skills can get a favorable chance. Along with the musical instruments, we are also engaged in the promotion and training of several styles of music. These include both the classical and modern forms with more focus on the classical styles.

The act of art engagement is not a lone event. Some of our society areas are represented by arts and culture where group of people join together for sharing the experience even when they belong to the worlds that are completely different from each other. The forms of expression such as art and culture have acceptance for disagreement and in fact, it is embraced as an essential factor. When arts and culture create a community, it serves to a great inspiration source for those working for going beyond polarizing populism.