Our Vision

We, at DewRty foundation envision our country to be a better place to live in. To make this country a sustainable place to live in for the coming generations. We aim to conquer all the disparities faced by those who need the most.

Our vision is to open up training centres at different places of the country, making it easily accessible for those in dire need, for those who don’t have enough resources to even make their ends meet. We draw our efforts to align with our vision and make it come true.

We envision different training centres at almost all the cities of India wherein our expert team members will be imparting training in all academic and co-curricular activities like dancing, singing, musical instruments, acting, languages and communication, ayurveda, photography and similar such activities. Apart from this, our training centres will also impart knowledge, guidance and awareness to the farmers of our country regarding correct agricultural practices, organic farming, livestock management, environmental issues and its conservation and also tap into other livelihood opportunities for them in order to improve their living conditions.

We consider it to be our duty to provide the right knowledge, guidance, support, strengthening and management of resources. We also work for the preservation, protection and promotion of local art and culture, dialects, folk art, music and dance, and heritage of India. Apart from this, we also promote the significance of health and well being of the people of our country. For the same, we spread awareness about the importance of good health, how to achieve good health, importance of nutrition, and what kind of food habits are good for health, what other practices to adopt for maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. We look forward to opening up yoga and meditation centres also for people to come in and make their mind, body and soul at peace. Here, our yoga experts and meditation gurus will teach and conduct yoga sessions while our meditation gurus will teach meditation and carry out sessions for the members of the centre.

Education, fitness, health, awareness, promotion, correct guidance and support can make this country a better place to live in. All that is required is little efforts from your side too. Not one can bring about that change, but, it is the joint hands and minds that can revolutionize change in a country. It is not until then that we can achieve the goal of making India more able, nourished, healthy and talented.

We draw on our abilities and resources to continue working for the society. Imagine not being able to do what you love the most, not being able to learn what you wish for, not having the money to buy those necessities, and not being able to live a healthy life. Scary, isn’t it?

Well, not until DewRty foundation is alive and running as we abide by our promise of making India- a better home.