About Us

We are DewRty Foundation that is working in several areas aimed at the benefit and upliftment of the deprived people so that the society and nation as a whole can develop and prosper. Inherent dignity of each and every person is at the core of our faith. The present day situation is reflecting a fact that in this nation moving towards development, thousands of people are still there who are living in complex situations and are deprived of even the basic rights and facilities.


For the purpose of dealing with this reality, a social justice vision drives our efforts. We are therefore aimed at the world where all peoples, communities and individuals enjoy full expression as well as protection of their human rights. We actively take part in decisions that have impact on them while sharing equitably in wealth, knowledge and society resources.

Since inception, we are working with the aim to bring down injustice and poverty while promoting cooperation on international level, strengthening democratic values and bringing advances in the achievement of humans.

Areas of Work

Our organization is not restricted to just one field but works in several areas. These include the following:

Our methodology

We have faith in the fact that at the basis of social movements, there are powerful institutions, leadership of an individual and innovative idea (that often include risk as well). While our focus areas have witnessed enormous evolution athwart these years, still everything that we have done and are doing have these areas as the touchstones and main focus of our varied approaches that are aimed at changing world. This is the reason why DewRty Foundation has been able to make a specific identity with the activities having cumulative profound impact.

A sense of importance is there in all our activities but we also consider the fact that sustained investment is needed for the change that is meaningful over time in the lives of those who are working and living in complex problems. This is the reason why approach is aimed at strengthening the civil society with active participation of people coming from differences experiences of life and backgrounds. Our work also includes close collaboration with academia, private sector, government and creative community.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

The driving factors of our culture are constructive debate, trust and leadership that are important for empowering excellence and innovation. We work with the approach to learn and listen and to the transparency and openness model. At the foundation, we have accountability for each other, for our sector, charter, organizations that we are supporting and at large, the society along with the laws and regulations that serve as guiding factors and governs our nonprofit status.

At the core of our foundation lays the concept of Dewrty that signifies one God. It is the belief in one God with its elements being discernible in nature in several other religions. From oneness comes the concept of uniqueness of the divine power and might. Religions history reflects the fact that multiple efforts have been made for combining the multiplicity and unity in the divine conception. With this faith in one God, we keep on working for the upliftment of all considering them as the children of the divine.

Three realms are there in the divine universe concepts: earth, sky and underworld. It is considered that Gods domain was the sky having multiple divinities that were regarded in several power gradients. We serve the humanity believing in the concept of one God having dominance over the entire world. When a single divine power is taking care of the entire world, we strive to serve his people in every manner possible. Similar to the divinity that takes charge of life varied aspects, we have spread our work arena to cover different aspects. This helps us to touch thousands of people such that their lives can see betterment and change for good.